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2 Luglio 2016

Italy … summer … food …

Last week I was in Italy, among a thousand laps and things to do for the wedding, on the last day I and wings had lunch with our friends mark and Rosanna. Marco, salernitato true and collector of old Vespa Piaggio and Fiat 500, bought me of fragrant rapini to take London. The long green peppers, broccoli rabe are also present in other regions of southern Italy including Basilicata. Since I am lucana with half the heart of Campania, I decided to cook these fragrant Rapini to Luke in a version with new potatoes; in my country, this dish is called "pupacc and patan" (peppers and potatoes).

This recipe is very easy and the scent that is there in the House during the preparation is indescribable!


long green peppers (rapini), new potatoes, cherry tomatoes, garlic, Basil.


Clean and cut the peppers in half lengthwise, place them in a large pan with garlic, olive oil and whole tomatoes. Cover with a lid and cook until softened. I have made them Brown a little more because I prefer them that way. In the meantime wash and cut potatoes in half and cook in steam or boiled in their skins until they shove it with a fork. Drain the potatoes and merge them with peppers, salt and sauté together at your leisure.

A few ingredients, few difficulties for a large dish with an intense flavour to summer fragrance.

Enjoy these recipes now that is the best time to find fresh peppers and let me know if anyone has any revised version of this dish …

Secret: I tried to serve them with some mint leaf, I liked them … try it yourself!

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