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10 Marzo 2016

Fast fashion is one of the things I do often, almost every day … for fast fashion I mean look cute without wasting too much energy for the outfit, when I didn’t want to meditate in front of the closet, when I don’t have time … time for myself lately decreases more and more and I find myself in the situation to claim to do a thousand things in ten minutes; a dream that will never really … The shirt I’m wearing is oversized, size xxl for accuracy, bought so large on purpose and then play them with the outfits, in fact here I wear it with an elastic waist belt with simple tights for a vintage look that reminds me a little of the style of my mom and surely of your … they who know style! Unfortunately I can’t recycle almost nothing of my mother because he was extra small model … I’m gone for that size in 12 years! A few things to say about this fast outfit, you can do the same with any oversize shirt or a shirt, maybe a dad or a partner–a belt, a pair of cuffs to the sleeves and stop, ready!


With Love …



* Special thanks to Andy S for photos *

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