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7 Maggio 2016

Monday 2 May ‘ 16

Today, in England is bank holiday. A day off !!! I went to Richmond with Alex, a part of London where all smiles, everything is so delicate and the atmosphere is very romantic. Doesn’t it feels like London, this relaxing spot where the River, the boats, the benches create a spell that sometimes one must live; And so cute the little shops… especially for me, that I don’t like giant stores and malls. For Richmond I will write a nice post in the future.

Richmond LondonIMG_0898

Arriving back home after this nice day out, I think about the dinner … I was already planning to make a pizza, but after a long day, I never would have had neither the time or the desire willpower to do a normal pizza because, as we know, there are times to be met by rising etc… So I decided to put myself at work with another of my Special and funny pizzas. The pizzaPolenta! Because I don’t specify, that it is super quickly and we absolutely loved it!! Is suitable for “gluten free” people because the base is made with corn flour, gluten-free and totally so much lighter and easier to digest even for someone who is not a “gluten free person” but wants to stay light. It is also without yeast so ideal for the yeast free diet and for those who don’t have time… but so hungry! As for seasonings I used fresh cherry tomatoes, and goat cheese; But you can have fun creating a thousand different flavours.

What about after the Coccopizza recipe’s link , Let’s prepare the pizzapolenta!


  • Instant polenta
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Oregano
  • Fresh goat cheese or ricotta
  • Basil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Prepare the polenta by following the instructions on the packaging, use a nonstick pan and when the polenta will detach from the walls, is ready.

Roll it out on a baking sheet, formerly covered with parchment paper; use a rubber spatula (link to purchase), soaked in water to shape so smooth and homogeneous. Add all ingredients and bake at 180/200 degrees for about 15 minutes; I adjusted the cooking of tomatoes, as soon as they was cooked and nicely browned, I pulled it out.


Styling: the cherry tomatoes, place them with the twigs, to have a rustic look.

Secrets: put the Basil under the cheese so it does not burn; use the oregano when the pizza is out by the owen because at high temperatures scorch.

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With love


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