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8 Maggio 2017

Beetroot pesto tagliatelle is a refined dish, you have to try it in this life. The ”pesto lovers ” will love this recipe because it is a real pleasure. It’s a recipe easy to prepare and is rich in beneficial properties. The red beetroots are rich in fibres, minerals, vitamins and perfect for everyone from adults to children.

It’s spring time, change the season and also my menu! I’m not a big pasta eater, in fact I would eat it every day, but I avoid it because I follow a low carbohydrate diet. Once a week I have my ” pasta day ”, on this day, eating a plate of pasta with pesto sauce, lasagna, whatever it is, is a must; I can only miss this appointment if I eat a pizza.

This time I wanted to try something new, a pasta recipe that I could propose both on the blog and my guests. Lately I’m lost in the world of red beetroots. Even a few years ago I hated them, then I rediscovered them in some delicious recipe and salad. This week I made a good supply because I also prepare homemade juices, as well as my protein shake that on Instagram stories created so much interest.

I also found the gluten-free tagliatelle from Tesco, double happiness!!


  • 300 g beetroot

  • A few leaves of Basil

  • 30 g Parmiggiano Reggiano

  • 30 g pine nuts

  • Goat cream cheese or anything.

  • Juice of half lemon

  • Salt

  • Black pepper

  • Olive oil

  • Tagliatelle 


First Cook beets, once done this clean them and let them cool. You can also use precooked ones.

Toast the pine nuts in a little olive oil, should be golden brown (not much)

In a blender add the sliced red beetroots, basil, pine nuts, salt, pepper, lemon juice, olive oil. Olive oil, just enough to get a cream that has the classic basil pesto consistency. Then add the goat cheese and restart the mixer to mix cheese with pesto.

Cook tagliatelle pasta, drain and sauté with red pesto without letting it dry too.

Decorate the plate with some basil leaves.

With Love, Ross♥.

beet pesto

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