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26 Novembre 2016
So you would to tell me you’ve never eaten swordfish carbonara? I can’t believe it!

Ok, I’m joking…I never ate this carbonara version before that my hubby proposed me this food transgression!

Well I want confirm to all women that we definitely have to give more trust to these men! When they decide to cook, they really have clear ideas and WIN! And Why not!? They also can cook and wash dishes like us!!

We are lucky because at the time of our grandmothers, almost never happened that a grandfther decided to cook for his wife. Just a few man was in the kitchen.

But today on social I see many videos and pictures of husbands and partners at the stove and I also can confirm my blog is followed by many men who have a passion for cooking. Good News!

What I felt eating this carbonara? I liked so much and is a nice reinterpretation. This is a tipical dish that you should try at least once. Pancetta for the original carbonara is the queen, but the swordfish is definitely the king, it makes you reflect on the goodness of this recipe.

Then after my long monologue, we have to make carbonara… do you trust me?





White wine


Pecorino or Parmesan



Chopped white onion and let wither in a bit of olive oil. Add the swordfish, previously finely chopped into small small piecies. Cook with the onions and when it will be ready simmer with half glass of white wine until reduced.

Cook the pasta, when it ready, add the swordfish and mix. Finally add the beaten eggs with the grated pecorino cheese and stir. Sprinkling of parsley and taste it.

I hope you will enjoy the recipe.

With Love


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