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3 Agosto 2017


This year I redid the wardrobe of costumes. I had to do a mix and match to get more options interchanging pieces above and below among the various costumes. The mix and match besides being trendy is also cheap! 

Premise: i love the swimsuits, I find them very cool, refined and special. A flaw of the piece, is that if you are wearing it the first few days at sea, we are cunt until we wear bikini then seem a new version cookies ringo … in costume.

Not all matter-tone problem because not all go around with the belly uncovered so whatever … the choice is yours.

Between my costumes there are both options.

First, my favorite, purchased in January for their honeymoon in Asia one of the most appreciated on Instagram.

Second favourite is a whole that becomes a body/shoulder top costume for a party outfit at the beach or in town.

Style 60 years. Total black and high-waisted briefs that enhances the female form and takes out the whole of our femininity. Elected instagram star!

Simple bikini, black; Basically I used the above piece of vintage bikini and bought only the normal briefs.

Same thing I did with this

And this.

Instead here I used the black panties that I had with this bra lined with wide band under the bust … how I love the rows only I know!! 

Speaking of rows, I put this outfit that I bought two years ago for vacation in Greece–still current but a bit big for me.

Finally the fringes … never go out of style. Strangely I had forgotten to have this bikini … It will be because this year they are more a flowers lover.

In order not to miss anything at a beach dress cute when you do not go to the sea becomes a citizen outfit.

Already since last year the pom pom have colored our holidays. Who knows if we'll have next disconnect them one by one or continue to wear balls … LoL haha.

Happy holidays to all!!

Enjoy this month's holiday, never mind anything … in September will be seen.

With love, Ross ❤ ️


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