Rossella Forastiero


I am Rossella, a London-based International Yoga Teacher and Yoga retreats leader, born in Italy.

I teach Yoga in person, in London since 2016. In 2020 I launched my virtual Yoga studio to make Yoga accessible to all, helping people to improve their strength, awareness, and well-being.

I’m glad you are here, welcome in my world!

My mission


people to breathe, move, live within and let go. Creating physical and mental strength and stability.


Yoga into everyone’s home and pocket. Through my virtual studio that adapts to everyone’s lifestyle and schedule.


Open the doors to those who think yoga is only suitable for those who are already flexible and think they are not capable of it. Yoga is for everyone without prerequisites of flexibility and skills.


the problem of time management “I don’t have time” thanks to the adaptability of the classes, making this path easily accessible, taking classes from home, consistently and without the worry of arriving late or having to postpone the class. Also, there are many places where there is no possibility to practice Yoga and Meditation today you can have a studio with you at all times.


my existing community where the common goal is personal growth, sharing yoga passions, the benefits of meditation and being better, grounded and balanced people.


and share positive energy and zest for life through my classes and social channels.


Yoga Retreats 2020 in Italy and Europe. It’s time to plan the time for yourself!


I discovered Yoga with Rossella, I never thought I would be able to do it online! With the magic of her movements and her teaching, I have rediscovered a strong and light body and my mind is more present.

Federica P.

I can follow the lessons very practically and very easily. Ross manages to take you deep into the positions. She takes me inside my body.

Loredana S.

Rossella is a great teacher and above all a fantastic person. She share and spreads a lot of positivity and energy.

Valentina G.

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