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What is Yoga for corporate and coworking?

It is a style of yoga for people who spend many hours at their desks to alleviate and improve the negative physical and mental consequences of spending hours, days, months, years at a desk. I call it a self-care break that restores energy and wellbeing, both physical and mental at the workplace.

So many corporates and companies are offering this break at the workplace or online to ensure the employees’ physical and mental health making the day at work less stressful and more productive;

Yoga at the desk has also spread to freelance and coworking groups.

Some great benefits: 

Increased Energy.

Reduced Stress. 

Increased Confidence. 

Improved Posture. 

Better Immunity, less sick leaves.

Increased Focus. 

Improved Breathing. 

A way to disconnect and regenerate at your desk.

At the workplace or online. This yoga style can be practiced at the desk, seated with some standing poses or can be practiced on the mat, if there’s a free space available for non-work activities at the workplace or from home for online class.

The programme is discussed according to the requests and needs of the company or coworking.

It depends on the time available and the structure of the session, generally ranging from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

Everyone! Even those who have never done yoga or other kind of sports ar exercises .

Nothing specific, it can be practiced with the clothes you wear to the office using your chair and desk as supports for the practice;

However, if a more challenging traditional Yoga session, is required, on the mat, light and comfortable clothes are required.

Last-minute meeting? No problem! If the class is online, I register the session, which can always be practiced together with the team or individually when you have time available.

There is no limit to the number of participants. Request  more information and a quote tailored to your needs and your corporate or company’s time management.

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