How to practice Yoga online. Start learning at home even if you are new to Yoga.

19 May 2021
Online yoga rossella forastiero

A guide to attending classes online for beginners.

Here we are. After more than a year from the beginning of the pandemic, we are still trying to defeat it. Most of us had to get used to a new digital way of living, and all of us felt and still feel the urge to find a space for ourselves only, where we can reconnect with our inner self. Even Yoga found its place on digital platforms, allowing us to practice in the comfort of our homes.



Yoga is a spiritual practice that aims at our personal growth, and it’s an ancient discipline, which finds its roots in India. Yoga is an Eastern treasure that spread out to Western countries, giving our modern society a great spiritual asset and wellbeing for mind and body. There is much more behind Yoga than a sports practice, for it being a lifestyle before anything else. A lifestyle that promotes healthy and mindful wellness. This practice is two thousand years old, and, nowadays, many things have changed: new and diverse styles have been created so that everyone’s needs can be met. Body-wise, Yoga helps us to become more agile and flexible through asanas, which are the poses we hold to reinforce all the muscles in our body. There are also many benefits for our mind. In fact, this practice helps us to reduce anxiety and to better handle emotions and stress.


The answer is an absolute yes! Online Yoga is very much a thing nowadays, and there is something for everyone, whether you are a long practising yogi or a beginner. Practising Yoga online comes with many advantages, such as the chance to practice wherever you are, respecting your own time. And there’s more. In fact, monthly subscriptions for online classes can be way cheaper than studio ones, making Yoga a discipline for all budgets. To start, you’ll just need an Internet connection and a yoga mat, and there you have it! One more benefit of practising online it’s the possibility of using everyday objects as props, without having to invest in professional ones, when you’re just starting out.


When we first start practising Yoga feeling a bit discouraged is normal. We could be sucked in a vortex of wellbeing and confusion, which is totally normal. With the use of Sanskrit words and many new concepts that maybe we never heard before, everything might seem a bit ‘too much’. But that willing of feeling good again will bring us back to the mat. It’s very important to remember that Yoga goes hand in hand with patience and the ability to listen to our inner self, and then the practice will come to us with time. It’s up to us to decide how much time we want invest in creating our perfect Yoga practice.

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