Breathe Grow Live Yoga

Second Edition - Yoga and Art

Art is something that happens inside us

SUNDAY 22 May 2022 – 12:30 PM TO 4 PM


Be part of the exclusive and recharging wellness event that connects italian women community in london and uk

About the event

I’m Rossella Forastiero, International Yoga Teacher and Retreat Leader. Together with Marta Lenzi Event Producer, I decided to make one of my dreams real. The unique event you will be part of.

Here we are two powerful women and close friends who created “Breathe  Grow Live Yoga”

This special event is the second of a series with the aim to create an exclusive community where to find new interesting women, inspirations, and beautiful connections inside the Italian Women Community in London and UK

In our events, Yoga and Meditation, Networking, Creative experiences, and chill-out moments are mixed to create a completely new modern concept that guides us to find our way, ourselves to let go of mental and physical blocks and create the balance and energy we need in our life, especially as a beautiful creature we are: WOMEN.

We believe that all of us must be surrounded by positive energy and people to nourish our souls, get inspired by, stimulate creativity and open our minds to new opportunities and life views. 

This event is for you if you wish:
– Be part of a powerful women’s community.
– Discover yourself – personal development.
– Learn how to use your breath in any life situation.
– Move your body through yoga and begin your mindful journey 
– Balance your life and body
– Strengthen your body and stay healthy.
– Learn How to let it go and relax.
– Feel better and confident.
– And much more…

Are you a first-time Yoga? IT’S FINE, You are perfect! This event is for all levels and beginners friendly. 

We looking forward to having you with us and seeing you shine!


Yoga & Art

Move your body and mind following your natural flow experiencing the freedom and let it go with arte and painting discovering your creativity.

This second event and the following ones have a theme to create a mindful moment where you can leave all stresses, thoughts, and any uncomfortable situations outside of the event venue. 

We want you will enjoy the experience fully and make this moment your recharging and energizing retreat. 

You will start with an immersion of Yoga and restorative practice accompanied by the flow of your breathe and your movement.

In The Second Part, you will let it go with your art, painting anything comes from inside you and stimulating your creativity.

You also will be treated with complimentary Herbal Tea and vegan sweeties and have the opportunity to introduce yourself to us, to all the powerful Italian women. New relationships, friendships, and inspirations will happen here.

You will also get your personal goodie bag!

Can’t wait!

When and Where

Sunday 22 May 2022 – 12:30 pm to 4 pm


Mats and Props for Yoga And Restorative are provided. You Just need to come with positive vibes and a relaxed mood!

Event Venue

Islington Square, 116N Upper St, London N1 1QP – OMNOM First Floor. 

Nearest tube stations: Angel – Highbury and Islington