pregnancy yoga bexleyheath

On Tuesdays at 9:30 am

from 14th September 2021

You can attend anytime from your 13th week of pregnancy


St Tomas More Church Hall, 420a Long lane, DA75JW.

Bring a friend to get 30% discount on your first class pass! *T&C Apply*

First trial class £5

5 classes pass £65 

10 classes pass £130

1:1 classes available, ask here for details.

Custom package available relating to the due date.

*Send your friend details to to get the discount*

Pregnancy Yoga Benefits

  • reduces ¬†stress and fear to find the calm everyday

  • improves the life during pregnancy

  • helps with flexibility and movements¬†

  • improves sleep

  • reduces body and¬†mental tensions

  • strengthens and tones muscles

  • helps to¬†explore your changes¬†and to get prepared for the labour

  • connects yourself with your baby

  • reduces possible complications during the labour

  • helps to stay healthy keeping the increase of the body weight¬†gradually¬†

prenatal yoga rossella forastiero


Rossella’s pregnancy

“Yes, I have been one of you…lol”

”Pregnancy isn’t a limit, but a good time for women to appreciate, admire and accept their bodies, spending a lot of deserved time in self-care and exploration.”¬†

By Rossella Forastiero 

The benefits are so many both for the mom to be and the baby. It’s a gentle and safe practice¬†through which women become strong, positive encouraging the connection with baby. ¬†

The pregnancy isn’t a limit and it’s a good time to start to¬†practice Yoga even if you are a beginner and never practiced Yoga or any sport before; as well as it’s¬†recommended for fit women who need to adapt¬†their fitness life to a gentle body movements¬†maintaining the muscle tone and strength.¬†

Doesn’t matter if you are a fit person or not, in any case,¬†pregnancy¬†yoga, accompanies moms to be to explore themselves,¬†contributing to an everyday good mood, self-love and¬†acceptance for the ¬†changes, in this magic time.¬†

Prenatal yoga helps to get ready for the labour and understand this phase; with pranayama (breathing) techniques to practice during the labour will help to calm contraction pains, know how breath keeps hormones balanced, an important role during the labour…


My classes are structured considering few factors: level, trimester, props used and what body part and mind is the focus of the class. Classes are progressive in a path. 

In general pranayama (breathing) exercises, gentle stretching, and asanas to balance, strengthen the body are involved in a class. In my classes you always find meditations, yoga Nidra for relaxation to learn how to practice it during the labour as well. 

In addition you will find interesting topics about health and wellness  during pregnancy like nutrition, self care tips and much more. 


Before attend Prenatal Yoga classes please read and fill in this form.

Yoga mat.

Yoga bolster or bed pillow.

Yoga blocks or alternatives like books (I recommend to buy blocks).

Couple of blankets to bath towels

Light and comfortable clothes.


Small towel

To begin a class are necessary a yoga mat and yoga blocks and bolster or alternatives. For other props we will discuss during the course.