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2 Gennaio 2016

Always I ask myself the question "what style I?" my answer has changed over the years and even today is vague … I realize they are geared towards a casual style with some detail that makes this particular but at the same time my style reflects my mood or a period of my life; for this reason I can't give me an answer and step up from basic to whimsical, from black to yellow with ease. The thought of having only one style, I do not like so much. In today's outfit predominates the gray gray London day, definitely inspired me. .. Luckily the red lipstick sticks out and-collar breaks up the static nature that a casual grey can give. NonnaCool is my shared Cabinet and in this post with pleasure I share the secret of my curls with the accessory shown in the photos. The ingredients to get this outfit are readily available in all cabinets and you can change and customize as you want … What you need is the inspiration, inspiration then let us personnel in everything and I am not referring only to the outfit.

With Love

Ross …


Cinzia collar necklace gift



ringlets rain-proof


the secret of my curls


Singin' In The Rain Poster

films of 1952



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