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22 Giugno 2016

We are already halfway through sertimana! The weekend is coming!! When I think of the weekend the first thing that comes to mind is a mega breakfast of those you have to colazionare for a long time, quietly, laziness, in pajamas and strictly with the radio on! I have many friends who can't understand why they don't do breakfast or reduce it to a coffee, I can't do it. For me the day starts after breakfast, regardless of the time. We Italians we are inclined to the sweet breakfast with milk, croissants, doughnuts, cookies, coffee etc. I don't eat breakfast very Italian sweet and savory is genetically modified and if you ask me what I prefer, would vouch for that love salty; with this I do not mean a bolognese or lasagna and maybe a small glass of wine … With the savory breakfast I feel more energetic, and enjoy long-term satiety … It is a habit that I carry from Italy and from when I'm in England I feel full in one of them with the english breakfast.

Last week I went to have breakfast at "the house of peroni" where chef Francesco Mazzei, whom I admire and I always follow, proposed breakfast. This is an English breakfast with Italian products like the Tuscan sausage, avocado stuffed with monkfish, spicy beans at the right point, bacon and eggs and grits.

Inspired by this Italian event and attracted by the goodness of homemade breakfast Peroni, I figured, "why not do an Italian version?"

Said and done! I started researching the ingredients made in Italy and I made.


Bread, tomatoes, cheese, ham, eggs.


I diced tomatoes for toasted bread and seasoned with oregano salt and some Rosemary. Then I removed the crumb in the middle of a slice of bread, creating a hole. I placed the slices of bread in a hot pan eed opened an egg into the hole that I did cook it at my leisure.

Then in a non-stick pan I melted smoked cheese and now I melt on the corner of bruschetta with tomatoes.

I grilled a tomato divided by half and placed everything in a shallow dish and even added a couple of slices of ham.

All accompanied by an organic carrot juice.

In the Photogallery you will find my breakfast and the one I tried at House of Peroni.

I hope you like it! Or I hope you scollerete for a day from sweet …

With love


Italian breakfast by nonnacool

English breakfast by f. Mazzei

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