26 Luglio 2017

The week after the holidays… sadness! it was so nice to spend one week at the beach under the Sun thinking only nice things and carefree. As I write this I am still imagining myself on that Lounge on the beach. Coming back down to Earth, instead of soft sand and warm, I touch the floor of my british flat and instead of sea I have a computer innfront of me… I know somebody can’t understand me because every day on facebook I see your beautiful pictures enjoying  the sea while I’m here…

London rain

What I use to do the week after holidays?

In addition to my ten thousand routines , I also have a routine post holidays. 


After a week of warm, saltiness and dryness, my skin and hair will not thank me and also I need to come on back my healthy nutrition.

This is the week of ” back to normal ” and I show you in general terms what I do.

The fridge is crying …

It’s empty. I emptied it before leaving, so first thing I need to do is load the fridge of fruits, vegetables and other healthy food. Obviously I also bought , fish, chicken, yoghurt, porridge (oatmeal). This is a basic expense not to starve the post holiday; then slowly I make a list and I fill the pantry.

     spending diet

We pass to the personal care!

Put a moisturizing oil in my hair and I do act for several hours while doing errands, gym etc.

hair oil

 Which oil to use?

mashooq oil

at this time I am using this oil MASHOOQ, sent me by the company long time ago for me to try, this is the third time I apply it and now I really can do a consideration on quality.

I love it, don’t use it often because it is very intense and I fear that using it every week is too much for my hair. For situations of disastrous hair is perfect.

It is a concentration of 100% natural oils which are: sweet almond-coconut-olive -palm -sunflower-wheat germ, prepared with addition of vitamins and minerals. 

You have to apply it before shampooing on the roots, lengths and tips, comb through your hair to evenly distribute the product and wrap your head with plastic wrap or a towel dampened with hot water. I kept posing about three hours because I’m the same old overwhelming.

This oil penetrate deeply into hair, nourishing it and helping to prevent breakage. It is very useful even for stressed hair hair irons and plates, used with colored hair obsession.

In short, a shot of life and health for our hair!

To purchase simply go to and choose the amount you want. 

Let’s move on to my face!

Question for you? Your face skin, after holidays by the sea, has a negative reaction? I have a beautiful skin during the sea and Sun, then in the days following holidays start popping pimples under the skin, and it becomes much more dry… in short, a strange reaction. I read on a few blogs of other beauty bloggers, that is normal because the skin has been under stress and now reacts like that.

I need to moisturize so it’s time to try the Hydra Bomb mask by Garnier, which I had purchased before the holidays.


You have to keep laying fifteen minutes, but with this face mask it’s so good and makes me relaxed so I kept  it five minutes more. I posted a picture in the stories of Instagram and not at all liked this mask. Some replied my story, saying that there is too much product on this mask… I never tried it, on my normal skyn. I think for  treatments on very dry skin is perfect because the amount of product is enough for the type of dryness; In contrast may be excessive if not you need to moisturize your face so much.

It’s time to mani and pedi …

the nail polish I had put before leaving it choppy but has become opaque because of the salt. I recommend this brand because it lasts much, almost seven days! Obviously I always use kitchen gloves even for washing a teaspoon…otherwise bye bye Polish!

Cheeky varnish

The brand of the varnish  is CHHEKY. My friend Laura (@witblog on instagram) given me it as present, to celebrate my engagement ring. Together with the nail polish she gave me a manicure from Cowshed to give a nice hand for my ring . The things she does…always surprise me!

 This is the glaze that I keep always on nails in the desk drawer. to patch small chipping 😀 keyboard.

Fitness routine:

I came back to the gym with these workouts: Spining, Boot Camp, a workout that I do with a series of exercises and Yoga!

Yoga pose

 End of the week!

In seven days I did other things but here I wrote just the things you could interest and  give you an idea about how to start a nice week to return from vacation.

I’d like to know your habits. Write everything you do in the comments … I’m curious!

 I talking about holidays again…as soon as possible.

With Love Ross.

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