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5 Marzo 2016

Crazy March has arrived and we have to suffer a bit longer his tricks like Sun and frost or rain and warm or even Sun rain and snow  in one day,before greeting our winter outfits…but we love the madness of March! It’s the spring month, the month that makes us dream thinking about summer, the closure of schools, vacations, picnics, so many things!! And then there are the blooms and for flower lovers like me, it’s feeling like Alice in Wonderland 😀 After a good night’s sleep (see my eyeballs), I met some friends for coffee and chat, an unpretentious occasion without red carpet for an easy outfit but especially in details.

Fashion ingredients

a pair of jeans-Turtleneck Sweater (H & M)-trainers


An eye-catching necklace does not hurt with a basic look like mine, as well as special socks I wear (gift from Marghe); I don’t like to match the bags with shoes and accessories, I prefer to break more than coordinate! The trainer with a  basic look-chic very trend (and confortable :D).

Styling: a corner of the shirt off the jeans, it’s cool! 

With love …



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