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22 Ottobre 2016


I'm happy to be sitting at my kitchen table/Office to write the post about this recipe fun to prepare, it's too good! Crunch! Crunch! Tells you something this sound …? Yes, crispy something's brewing … But noo! I say not brewing otherwise is limp! I wanted to say that something is cooking in the oven are crispy … mmm are you curious? The you? I have not heard … huh? Stop, enough suspense:D

Today my mood is Ganesh and Palmer and on my blog I'm myself without filters nor appearances.

Well well, today's recipe is about a snack, obviously good, easy to prepare, healthy, made with an ingredient that is impossible not to have at home … This is Apple and cinnamon chips. Yes! I said, I know you're thinking of the chips chips in bag, which I, as much as I want to be healthy, I love without measure. In fact I love all that sgranocchiabile but we know that when you crunch snacks in addition to the pleasure of "crunch crunch" after there is the guilt of fats and calories than just looking hands oily you can understand.

With this brief period, ladies and gentlemen I announce that this fabulous snack does crunch, contains no fat and is also good!

Yes Yes, I speak the truth and do not hesitate to prepare it to your children.

Well start the recipe commending you to Preheat oven to 100 degrees maximum, if you have a powerful oven maybe even less, maybe 70 degrees. I used a convection mode, I wouldn't recommend a convection oven … When will visit home to mommy that has the oven try.

Do not use the oven top, I tried and I show you the first attempt went up in smoke.


Red Apples



First wash the apples because you won't have to peel. Dry them and slice them up creating thin slices, starting from the top where the petiole to speak; sliced by creating disks and do not remove the kernels because they will be away as you cut. I used a affettatutto setting depending on the thickness of the chosen. I think with a potato peeler or knife, if you're not wimps like me, you will get the equal slices.

Place the oven on the baking sheet, Apple disks covered with oven paper or a baking pan and sprinkle the surface of the apples with cinnamon.

Put in the oven and wait until the slices crispy.

Eat them or keep them in a plastic food bag closed properly otherwise you will soften again.

And remember, that Apple doesn't just mean Iphone and Ipad … I wish you

Happy Apple Snack at all!!!


Secret: If you love cinnamon try to put a bit of honey.

Styling: served as an appetizer along with red wine and cheese.


With love


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