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10 Ottobre 2017

[button-gray text = “ENGLISH POST” url = “”] This is a post only suitable to a female audience both adult and minor, relieves stress and lighten their wallets … but not too much! Well! Boring Sundays have started, it all depends on how you get there are Sundays boring when you’re super excited to stay at home, in pajamas, to do everything and do nothing and wallow in laziness. Then there are the boring Sundays but have a negative impact on your being lazy, still wearing pajamas! Here, in this case or you fall into chronic pessimism that after lunch, it gets even deeper because it puts us as well the thought of Monday, or take the plunge and go take a hike, a coffee or maybe shopping.  Don’t you have to have high expectations from shopping may prove just a walk around among the collections of stores … everything ok! Often, when I go out without my wish list, I make the best shopping. It all began with an electric toothbrush that I suggested my sister … you think high expectations fashion I had! Unfortunately, right next to Boots, the famous English perfumeries/pharmacies, there was one Zara with a beautiful autumn showcase and besides take a cool picture

 I even bought a summer shirt lol! No from the t-shirt now can be worn for four seasons said.

Zara £15.99 

Why did I get it? Because I like a lot what I call the ” mood ” t-shirts that reflect the mood of the time when you wear it.   And I got this black bag very pretty not so big that you close to the bag.  

Zara £ 15.99-find it here Zara bag 

I show you this cute hat and earrings that I thoroughly enjoy but I bought them because I like them.

Zara Hat £ £ 9.99 Buy me. 

Zara Earrings £ £12.99 Buy me

Esco from zara and I go from Marks & Spencer which is a chain of stores in the United Kingdom with online shopping. So dear Italian friends if you really like this sweater with sleeves rounded pearls, go online or try something like around much is safe or better yet, armed with needle, thread and pearls and stick it on you.

Mark and spencer-35 pounds. You can get it from here Buy me

  I move towards Oxford Circus and I go from H & M where I found another of my grandma-style skirts but really cool! 

H & m skirt-£34.99 buy me

Here she is. Is of black tulle embroidered with flowers too cute. In your opinion is more a floral tulle skirt that I love I could never leave her? I hope there will be in the stores of H & M Italy otherwise online. I also purchased this grey sweater from H & M that I wear with the skirt, to add it to my collection 50 shades of gray in my wardrobe. This however is a light grey! Humbly found on the stand of the super sales of things that nobody has considered (£7). Thank you for leaving him, I needed it!  Always from Boots as well as the famous toothbrush I bought this lipstick. We’ll post a picture of the history of Instagram-follow me here

Stay Matte-Rimmel-200 Pink Blink £5.99 Pounds

Sunday shopping is finished, I hope with my express shopping has inspired enough to do your shopping. Let me know by commenting and social. Continue to follow on social and the stories they tell about me and my life in London every day.

Love … love … love … Hmmm.

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