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21 Febbraio 2016

I’m in a hurry, this weekend I have to do many things for the my wedding plan, there is the fashion week in London, some photo shoot… But I won’t ignore my readers and my cooking lovers for any of these reasons! In the fridge I have some left-over radicchio and I’ve a great desire to eat a nice plate of pasta to silence my hunger for a long time … especially when I’m around all day 😀  Easy, quick and light … and tasty to you or for your guest. The version of my pasta is gluten free, but anyone who doesn’t to follow the gluten free diet, I recommend to enjoy the original pasta… (lucky you!) In this recipe there aren’t the exactly doses, I just suggest a lot of seasoning to get a delicious pasta!


Pasta, radicchio, white onions, carrots, parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt and black pepper.


Cut all ingredients and cook them for a few minutes in olive oil, season with salt and pepper; Mix with pasta cooked previously.

Secret: grates carrots instead cutting, good taste and they cook in a short time

Styling: serve with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese and fresh parsley

With Love…




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