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22 Settembre 2017

Reset-set-September! The month of the setting, let’s set our nutrition!

I write this post in a hot/cold, do not understand, British evening ; While I enjoy my minestrone soup in front of the computer. Still in this post I will not tell you about my greenish soup but about a special and ”untraditional”pizza!

 Yes, because it’s not a normal pizza …It’s a pizza made only with quinoa!

Celiac, gluten intolerance people, fit people and healthy world, open your eyes and read this recipe, very tasty and easy to prepare.  

This pizza is rich in protein, vitamin C – E, magnesium, potassium and does so much good for the muscle and intestine.

I have already anticipated a quinoa pizza picture on Instagram stories and your answers desirous of the recipe led me to reveal this treat, just tonight that there are X Factor auditions! Don’t say that I don’t care you!

Difficulty: ZERO! 


150/200 g quinoa




Tomato passata


Sun-dried tomatoes



Soak the quinoa the night before. The next day, drain and rinse it thoroughly under running water. Blend it into the processor along with salt and oregano until you will get a cream that has the consistency of dough.

In a non-stick pan or lined with parchment paper, wet and wrung out, place the quinoa cream giving the shape of pizza. 

Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes or until it is golden and very solid.

Add all ingredients to the top, then: tomato, mozzarella, capers, Sun-dried tomatoes, Basil and Bake until the mozzarella is melted. 

I to personal taste I chose these toppings, but you can make any flavor you prefer; with ham, rocket etc.

With Love, Rossella.


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