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9 Aprile 2016

Saturday, late morning I’m listening some Sam Smith’s songs, one of the favorite singers, his voice voice creates a peaceful atmosphere in my home that gives me inspiration and reminds me of the 😀 Before starting the day I have to give energy to my body and brain so I need to cook something. The challenge is not to leave the home to go shopping; so. .. so. .. so. .. in the freezer there’s a bag of peas, then I have the salmon that I should cook last night but after all I went out with friend 😉 On weekends often I get a substantial pasta , especially after a week of gym and healthy food 😀 😀  What do you know! I also have some potatoes … in reality I always have potatoes in the house… Give me a potato and I’m going to see what I create for you ! Well the dish in little cloud on my head takes shape…


♦ Pasta tubes or broken spaghetti (gluten free/normal) ♦ onion ♦ parsley ♦ potatoes ♦ peas ♦ salmon ♦  pepper ♦ basil.


Prepare a cream with two boiled potatoes or steamed, mashed and mix with hot water or milk and keep them aside.

 Wither an onion in olive oil.

Add the peas to the onion and cook until they bacome soft.

Add the salmon to peas and cook it (no too much) 😀

Cook pasta.

Stir the dough with the cream of potato.

Jump with peas and salmon.

Salt in each “step”.

Pepper at the end.

Styling: garnish with the fresh basil or parsley.

Secrets: to make the mash potatoes with hot milk or hot water. The consistency of the potatoes cream must be very soft, creamy potato otherwise the dish will be dry. If necessary, add boiling water to cream to avoid dry the effect.

With love …




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