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16 Aprile 2016

The food is magical, you know why? Because in any part of the world you are, you can be at the same time in another place; then it makes you dream, imagine, makes you happy or sad and sometimes heheh… makes us feel even bad! When I saw those lemons that gave off that perfume so rare and impossible here :/, my mind started his journey to the Amalfitan Coast, remembering those special moments and people of that place to me so dear … the coast is formed by those small villages you know they relearn almost all over the world. I returned there with a recipe that has two main ingredients: lemons and Rosemary. As always the spaghetti that I used I am gluten free, so this recipe is also great for coeliacs or intolerant. Oops I meant more travel time of preparation is 15mins after that get relax Oops, I meant you sat and enjoy the tastes, colours and scents of the coast.


Spaghetti (gluten-free), fragrant lemon, Rosemary, butter, parmesan cheese, black pepper.


First grate the rind of lemons, avoiding the white part and chopped finely the Rosemary, meanwhile Cook the pasta in salted water and while cooking fry the lemon peel with Rosemary in the butter without brown it; It only takes two minutes to flavor the butter. Drain the spaghetti and sauté in fragrant sauce. A sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and pepper; serve immediately.

Secret: Cook the sauce over very low heat, if it appears dry, add extra virgin olive oil also raw. Don’t skip the spaghetti for long time otherwise it will dry out.

Styling: garnish with a lemon peel and a sprig of Rosemary.

With Love

Ross …



Amalfi Coast


Duomo Sant'Andrea Amalfi

Duomo Sant’Andrea (Amalfi)


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