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6 Febbraio 2016

“Shopping” lately is my favorite hobby, passing in the knives, peelers, cutting this way and slices of la, there was a sign on the advertisement of size vegetable julienne Zucchini dish with spaghetti-like above pictured, draws my attention to the point of: 1) buy the thing 2) try making that dish. Calm, but I did it big! It’s not just create something exactly like a sign advertising; This is a plate of spaghetti with courgette or Zucchini spaghetti-shaped, the definition still have to work:D  This recipe is gluten-free, quick and tasty of course thanks to the choice of bacon as a condiment than a shot of life at the plate!


Zucchini, bacon, onion, tomatoes, salt and pepper


Cut the zucchini julienne. Saute onion, cherry tomatoes and sauté the bacon; Add the zucchini and cook for 5/10 min maximum. Season with salt and pepper. Magyar.

Secret: while cooking to avoid turning the zucchini, better jump to avoid the pulping.

Styling: decorate with some raw tomato before serving.

With Love


freshly cut Zucchini


flat styling


img_7399.jpegZucchini spaghetti

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